Thursday, February 18, 2010

Conclusions of the week

I have come to a few conclusions this week, and I would like to share them with you.

1. The Olympics are an evil, time-sucking device. I type this while watching the men's long program. Because of the Olympics, I have gotten very little work done on my story this week--a story for which I finally have ideas, I might add.

2. It's hard to spend 40 hours at work, 20 hours writing, an undetermined amount of time trying to read every book on the face of the planet, and still have time to do... well, anything else. Like you know, sleep. So I think this conclusion is that Sleep is not for the week. (Misspelling on purpose.)

3. I might be a wee bit over ambitious. I keep thinking, "Oh, I need to work on X for my 101 things!" but I actually still have over a year and a half left. I've added a few more things that I've started on... which I'll get to next.

So, those are my conclusions for the week. Now on to the List. First, an update on the passport: I have two independent confirmations that the State Department is in receipt of my passport application: Delivery confirmation from USPS, and they've cashed my check. Hopefully this means I'll get a new passport in the mail any day now.

I've italicized a few more items. I found a beautiful 2000 piece puzzle that I can't wait to start, and I purchased a recipe book at Barnes and Nobel the other night. I'm not sure which project will take more effort--I've got to find and rewrite or type out all my favorite recipes for the book, and of course the puzzle won't exactly be easy.

I'm just itching to cross another thing off the list, but I guess I'll have to wait. Coming next week: A wrap up post on all the "once a month" items on my list.

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