Friday, February 5, 2010

The more things change...

I found a quote on a blog that I think summarizes this entry really well: "If more than five percent of your experiments turn out as planned, you're probably not being creative enough." I've read over enough 101 blogs to know that my list will change and adapt over the next 2+ years. I will change, my interests will change, my place in live will change, and thus my list will have to change to keep up.

In fact, it already is. I was in a rush to finish my list, and many of the things I found from others sounded interesting but as I've thought about them, I've realized that to fit me they need to be tweaked. I haven't changed the core purpose of them, but the expression is different.

#25 is now Order something healthy six times. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with my love for hamburgers. I like them because they are a safe menu item, and when I stray from that I am frequently disappointed. However, they are not a healthy choice. This option actually fits the category of health better.

#27 is now Take care with my appearance every day for two separate weeks. The original thought about leaving my hair down is interesting and might be part of how it turns out, but what I really want is to have two separate weeks where I take the time to think about how I look rather than just putting on the first convenient top to go with my ubiquitous jeans.

So far that's it. I know other things will change, but for now...

Oh! Status update: I have ordered my passport. This is one thing I will wait to change to "in progress" until I actually have it in my hot little hands. There's just too much that could go wrong still... though I did actually open the priority envelope to make sure I'd signed the application. (I had.) Hopefully it won't take too long to get here, simply because I'm dying to see it. :D

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